Radhika Kamat Portrait Photo

Dr. Radhika Kamat
Naturopathic Physician
Contact Email : [email protected]


Dr Radhika Kamat ND, is a US certified and board licensed Naturopathic physician. She received her Doctoral degree in Naturopathic medicine from the reputed Bastyr University, WA, USA which is one among the few medical schools that provide education in Conventional and Naturopathic Medicine.

She also earned her Bachelor’s degree in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, India.

Having grown up in a beautiful small coastal town in South West India, she developed passion and fascination for nature at a young age which led her to pursue a career in Natural medicine. She continually is inspired by nature in her practice.

Her mission is to provide Compassionate, Committed and Comprehensive Naturopathic Care that integrates best of Natural medicine treatments with conventional and functional Lab testing.

Compassionate: Every person is entitled to compassionate care that starts from wherever they are in the journey towards health. Dr.Kamat will take time to really listen to you, fully understand complex issues, and gain a true understanding of the whole person.

Committed: Dr Kamat is committed in identifying patterns and beliefs that prevent navigating out of a chronic condition and to find the root cause of the illness.

Comprehensive Care:With extensive training in the area of integrative medicine in the East and West, she works closely with patients bringing a blend of both worlds combining holistic and evidence based approach in her assessment and management.

She has advanced certifications in visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy, Genetic testing and treatments.

With an additional expertise in therapeutic Yoga, she customizes specific Yoga treatment for each condition to assist faster recovery and healing while on the treatment protocol. She focuses on family practice and chronic issues, but open to seeing people of all ages and conditions.


  • US Naturopathic Board certified and Licensed, State of California, USA
  • Naturopathy and Yoga Graduates Medical Association, INDIA
  • Member of Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians, USA

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