Sergio Cristofol Gallego

SAAMA Therapy

Sergio Cristofol Gallego is a Spanish living in Singapore since 2011. He had been in the sales line in various industries but has always been interested in doing the best for people in improving their health and well-being. Since May 2017, he had been practicing a new therapy called SAAMA which had produced amazing results. It is the most powerful therapy he has known based on quantum physics (Quantum kinesis) and is unique in Singapore.

Sergio has completed and is certified on the following courses:- 

  • SAAMA 1.0 from Association of SAAMA by Veturian Arana in Girona, Spain
  • SAAMA 2.2 from Association of SAAMA by Veturian Arana in Girona, Spain
  • La Nueva Terapia (The New Therapy) from Philippe Schwiderski  – The Awakening Energy; La Nucia, Alicante, Spain.
  • Tecnica Metamorfica (The Metamorphic Technique) by Charo Munoz in Gandia, Valencia, Spain
  • Diet and Sports Nutrition Course Certificate by Ific Institute, Valencia, Spain
  • Functional Training Course Certificate by Ific Institute, Valencia, Spain
  • Personal Trainer and Fitness Certificate by Ific Institute, Valencia, Spain

What is SAAMA?

SAAMA means sunrise in Maya language and belongs to the new generation of Quantum Therapies based on Quantum Kinesis, is the integral release therapy that are revolutionizing the world of healing and coaching at breakneck speed. SAAMA is the result of an amalgam of bio-energetic techniques of great power which allows the practitioners to find the root cause of the problem and remove it in a simple way with great effectiveness.

Through a simple protocol, the creator of this technique; Veturian Arana teaches how to work the physical, emotional, spiritual, psychics and psychological bodies. By applying the principle of the intention, we are able to profound changes in clients of all ages.

SAAMA therapy is based on the principle that the body is telling us in a priority way where are the causes of the symptoms. Our task is to find, remove and eliminate the causes one by one until the patient totally recovers in a very precise way, it has no limits!

SAAMA is applicable for any health issues from A to Z; in humans, animals and plants. It can be applied either in person or remotely. Moreover, it is not only a health therapy but also for other aspects of life. It can heal work-stress related issues, financial, phobias and addictions. It works in open spaces, at home, work, summer resort etc. Energy cleansing, fertility, abundance… all this and much more is SAAMA; the method that develops the power of intention in the service of health and personal growth. SAAMA does not use instruments, drugs, hypnosis or muscle manipulations. The patient simply needs to relax and let SAAMA do the healing.